Beef Packs

Want to get quality beef at $18.50 p/kg? This is less than the cost at the supermarkets and we deliver to your door, FREE OF CHARGE! Bushy Creek Farm ticks all of these boxes and by ordering our beef you are supporting local farmers and the environment, getting the best beef for your buck. Ordering is easy, just complete our online form and we’ll get back to you with the availability, weight and pricing for your order. Below gives you an approximate idea of the weight of each pack, as every animal is different, these weights will vary slightly.

Full Beef Pack Every cut from the cow Approximately 160kg – will need 400 litres of freezer space Approx $2,960
¾ Beef Pack 75% of the full pack Approximately 120kg – will need 300 litres of freezer space Approx $2,220
Half Beef Pack Whole of 1 side Approximately 80kg – will need 200 litres of freezer space Approx $1,480
¼ Beef Pack 25% of cuts from the cow Approximately 40kg – will need 100 litres of freezer space Approx $740
⅛ Beef Pack 12.5% of cuts from the cow Approximately 20kg – will need 50 litres of freezer space Approx $370

Are our ‘set’ packs too much meat for you? Not enough room in the freezer? Why not get together with other like-minded families and share the cost and the beef?

Beef Cuts – Each Pack Will Contain:

  • Steak-T Bone
  • Rump
  • Tomahawk (a rib eye beef steak specifically cut with at least five inches of rib bone left intact.)
  • Braising steak
  • Diced meat
  • Crumbing steak
  • Roasts
  • Silverside (salted or plain) the use of Himalayan salt only
  • Brisket (salted or plain, whole on request)
  • Mince
  • Sausages (gluten free mix)
  • Ribs
  • Osso Bucco
  • Meaty stew bones (neck bones )
  • Offal can be supplied on request (liver, heart, tongue and kidney)
  • Broth / Dog Bones can be supplied on request

Important Notes:

  • The individual weights / prices may vary from the approximations given above as each animal is different.
  • There are 2 packets of T Bone, Tomahawk,  Rump and Osso Bucco, if not enough Tomahawk, there will be 4 packets T Bone
  • All beef packs are pre-frozen in individual packs.
  • All cuts are bagged to a minimum for 2 people (eg 2 steaks to a bag).
  • Please ensure you thaw your beef properly before cooking.

Beef Packs for Families

Mountains in the morning

As parents of two-now-grown sons, Tony and Julie know how important it is to give your family the very best quality produce. They are also aware of how expensive beef is and this is one of the reasons they started Bushy Creek Farm: to provide people with quality, chemical-free, local beef, at a fraction of the price they have to pay in the shops.

The packs provide a variety of standard cuts (see Beef Cuts above), individually packaged and frozen for your convenience.  Depending on demand, we hope to have the packs on hand, otherwise the packs will take approximately 2 – 3 weeks from order to delivery. All beef is packaged in freezer bags and Bushy Creek Farm deliver to your door. Buying quality bulk meat for your family has never been so easy. You will taste the difference! Are you outside the delivery area? Please ask for a pre-arranged rendezvous place. If our beef packs are too big for you, why not get together with other like-minded families and share the cost and the beef? Please ask for more information at time of booking or phone 0447 773 919.

Paddock to Plate

By buying a Bushy Creek Farm beef pack, you are supporting local farmers and businesses plus getting quality produce at affordable prices, while supporting biodynamic farming practices and the humane and ethical farming of cattle. Our paddock to plate process is pretty simple really and here it is.

  1. Bushy Creek Farm produce are home grown, or sourced locally.
  2. The animals on Bushy Creek Farm enjoy rotational grazing on our 116 hectare,  chemical free property. The cattle,  pigs and sheep are free range, grass fed and finished and their diet is supplemented with quality natural vitamins and minerals, offered as a free choice.
  3. The beef is hung using the  tender stretch method for 2 weeks then prepared for beef packs, which are instantly frozen in  bags, to guarantee maximum freshness.
  4. Bushy Creek Farm packs and delivers  direct to your door (at no extra charge!). Delivery is usually scheduled for once a week down to Cairns,  with exact dates / times to be confirmed at the time of ordering. If this is not suitable for you, we will endeavor to sort something out, please contact us.
  5. Depending on demand, we will usually have beef packs on hand, if not the process takes around 2 – 3 weeks. So just call and check for availability and order.

Order your Bushy Creek Farm beef pack today. For more information, please phone 044 777 3919 or email