About Us

Bushy Creek Farm is a labour of love for owner / operators Tony and Julie Larsen. This country couple are passionate about the land, their stock and supplying quality beef that has been ethically and humanely farmed.

Cows enjoying the water

Second generation cattle farmers, Tony and Julie spent over 25 years in the Kimberley and Northern Territory, before purchasing the 116 hectare Bushy Creek Farm in 2009. It was a cool tree change for these cattle people, who appreciate the picturesque surrounds of Julatten and its proximity to Cairns.

A combination of alluvial flood plains and rolling hills, Bushy Creek Farm has two permanent rainforest-fed creeks, providing a year round water source, and a 10 hectare nature reserve which has been left in its natural state.

So, why and how did this business start? The Larsens embrace the natural environment and Bushy Creek Farm enables them to do the things they love, for the benefit of their land, their stock and their customers.

Bushy Creek Farm is committed to ethical animal husbandry, regenerative landscape stewardship and supplying quality beef at affordable prices.

Parents of two grown boys themselves, and alarmed at the rising cost of living, Tony and Julie wanted to ensure local families could access quality beef at affordable prices. It is with this in mind they started their Bushy Creek Farm business, dealing direct with the public from early 2014.

Beautiful Open Fields

The Larsen’s move their grass-fed cattle daily, in a process known as controlled rotational grazing. This allows the cattle to roam as they would naturally, constantly providing access to fresh pasture full of nutrients. Encouraging a more natural grazing behaviour results in something called herd impact. Management in this fashion means each patch of pasture is rested  between cattle visits. This enables the earth to regenerate naturally, drawing on the elements of the soil and atmosphere for its restorative processes.

Much of what goes in comes out, and the cattle themselves provide the organic fertilizer used on Bushy Creek Farm. In addition, the macro and micro mineral requirements of the property are supplemented with fermented biological fertilizers. This process mimics the natural fermentation in a ruminants stomach while enabling fortification with necessary minerals. Chemical free, Bushy Creek Farm also harnesses the power of biodynamic farming .The cattle’s diet is supplemented with natural minerals through access to a free choice feeder.

Beautiful open fields

The process works through utilising the animals to enhance the capacity of the grasses to draw down carbon dioxide. The chewing, trampling and manuring on the grasses encourages their regeneration. The biological activity stimulated, enables the transfer of minerals and energy from the surrounding environment into the grass and then into the cattle. The result of this management approach is that the beef produced comes with the lowest possible environmental hoofprint.

With accreditation in place, we processes the produce and prepare the Bushy Creek Farm packs, which are delivered direct to your door (free of charge) by Bushy Creek Farm.

By choosing to purchase Bushy Creek Farm beef, you are supporting local farmers and businesses. This really is from local paddock to local plate, buying quality produce at affordable prices, while supporting sustainable farming practices and the humane and ethical farming of cattle.

Tony and Julie Larsen thank you for your support of Bushy Creek Farm and look forward to supplying you with fresh, quality meat. For more information, please phone 044 777 3919 or email info@bushycreekfarm.com.au