Welcome to Bushy Creek Farm

Welcome to Bushy Creek Farm, producer and supplier of fresh, quality beef to the people of Cairns and Far North Queensland. Passionate about the environment, our stock and your order, Bushy Creek Farm stands for sustainable farming and business practices.

Our product is quality beef. Our customers are people who care about what they eat, the health of their families and the land. They are people like you. People who want to support local farmers, while getting the freshest local produce, at the best possible price.

Bushy Creek Farm connects people with produce: delivering quality beef from paddock to plate across North Queensland. This 116 hectare property is located in the idyllic country surrounds of Julatten, on the Cairns Highlands and is owned and operated by second generation cattle farmers, Tony and Julie Larsen.

Operating with a paddock to plate philosophy, Bushy Creek Farm is committed to providing quality local beef to local families and businesses. All stock is sourced locally and is hand-picked for its quality, spending up to 200 days on the property before being processed for consumption.

Bushy Creek Farm cattle are grass-fed and free range. The cattle are moved daily with controlled rotational grazing. There are no chemical fertilisers used on the property and no chemicals applied to the cattle. The Larsen’s embrace sustainable farming with the cattle providing the fertiliser and time allowing the earth to regenerate naturally (the cows do not return to the same place for at least 60 days).

Bushy Creek Farm’s cattle are processed by a locally accredited butcher, who prepares and freezes the packs which are then delivered direct to your door (free of charge). See our Delivery Map page. You can expect the best quality beef, which is not only safe and healthy for your family, but priced at way less than you would pay at the shops. It doesn’t get any more sustainable than this and consumers are the big winners!

Support local farmers, save money and get the best beef you can by purchasing a Bushy Creek Farm pack today.

Comprehensive order and delivery information is provided on this site with regular updates on our Facebook page. For more information, please contact us on phone 044 777 3919 or